Smart Contracts


About course

The Solidity Smart Contracts course is aimed at training a wide range of students who have basic programming skills in any programming language.

You will learn about the capabilities of the Ethereum platform; how Bitcoin and Ethereum differ, about the structure of transactions and the structure of the Ethereum block. The following topics are revealed in the course: what smart contracts are and what their life cycle is; various aspects of Solidity language as a high-level contracts-oriented language. We'll show you how to think like a Solidity developer.

The course program involves the implementation of practical tasks in Solidity.

The duration of the course is 3 months. Classes are held once a week.

Estimated time that needs to be spent during the week is 5-6 hours.

Skills acquired

  • 01

    Understanding the Ethereum capabilities

  • 02

    Understanding smart contract technology

  • 03

    Ability to design and develop smart contracts on Solidity

  • 04

    Ability to understand and use Solidity data types, functions, events, etc.

  • 05

    Ability to interact with smart contracts and understand how calls are handled by EVM.

  • 06

    Understanding internal and external libraries, their purpose and use

  • 07

    Understanding what ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 tokens are and how to work with them

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Speakers and mentors

  • Pavlo-Kravchenko

    Pavel Kravchenko, PhD

    Co-founder and CEO at Distributed Lab

  • Artem Chistyakov

    Artem Chistyakov

    Solidity developer

  • Olena Voloshchuk

    Olena Voloshchuk, PhD

    Education Program Coordinator at Distributed Lab